Miss Lancashire launches Miss England 2016 Final in Southport

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I had the honour of being asked to take part in the Miss England 2016 Final reveal several weeks ago. At first, when I was told about this ‘secret mission’, I couldn’t contain my excitement, I just wanted to shout out the wonderful news, but of course, I knew very little about it – I was only told that the reveal was on Thursday 11th February. 




Miss Lancashire

I had my suspicions, Miss Lancashire and Miss North West being invited to the big reveal? Surely the final was to be held in the North West?! I was giddy with happiness when I found out that the chosen location was in… SOUTHPORT! Just a stone’s throw away from home, back in the North where all our relatives, friends and Team North Family can easily travel to.? 




Miss Lancashire



Southport is such a beautiful coastal town. With its busy high street, legendary Air Show and stunning views and scenery, there couldn’t be anywhere better! After 11 years, the Miss England competition will be held there once again, over three days. The contestants will arrive at The Ramada Hotel Plaza on the 19th July and will be there until the final on the 21st July – three days of pure fun, hard work and excitement.? 

I for one couldn’t stop asking questions about the event. We were told that this year’s Eco Round will be based around the theme of Classic English Fashion, being from any era up to the 1980’s. The lovely Laura Beth Morgan, the current Miss Worcestershire and fellow Miss England finalist said a few words regarding the Eco Round and just what it entails. She also wore a fabulous Eco outfit which was made from 400 occasional cards – it was truly a work of art. Of course Miss England herself, Natasha Hemmings, also attended the event wearing a hand crafted dress made from beautiful fresh flowers, the colours and textures used were simply stunning, a huge amount of effort was put into the dress; I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. The Eco Round is one of my favourite sections in these competitions. Being creative and having a passion for producing my own work just shows why I have such a strong love for making an outfit using recycled and reused materials – I have some exciting ideas for my Eco outfit, preparations are already underway! 






I and Christina Cunningham, our current Miss North West and again, a fellow Miss England finalist also spoke about different rounds in the competition. Christina, being the queen of charity, spoke about the work which each contestant puts in to improve the lives of others. Being charitable is a huge quality when it comes to being an ambassador. The official Miss England and Miss World charity is Beauty with a Purpose which over the years has raised hundreds of millions of pounds in aid of disadvantaged children all over the world. 





Miss Lanchashire

I was given the chance to tell the public about the gruelling Sports Bootcamp Round. Having competed in Miss England back in 2013, I know just how hard this particular round can be. It shows determination, passion and most of all team work. It can put you through your paces, but it always teaches you to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. I for one know that I am not the fittest person, and I definitely won’t be the fittest contestant – but I am healthy and I will certainly put my all into this round. It’s a case of giving it all you have got!? 




Miss Lanchashire Miss Lancashire

























With press releases, meeting members of the Miss England team and also the ever important people of Southport who have made this event happen; it’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the reveal. It was a spectacular and successful day, filled with a great deal of excitement for what is to come! It was a pleasure to spend the day with some fabulous people and to learn more about the Miss England Final. 




Your Miss Lancashire 


Lucy xxx



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