Ammie’s first mission as Junior Miss Lancashire

By March 16, 2016 News

Hi everyone,



So on Sunday I had my first official duty helping out at the Junior Miss Preston and Miss Preston interviews witch was amazing and I really enjoyed.




Junior Miss Lancashire




The morning of the Junior Miss Preston interviews was great, we had so many finalists which was nice and encouraging knowing that there are so many girls out there willing to help others and wanting to meet new people as well has having an amazing time. There were a few girls there taking part in another heat in which I already knew from my first heat “Junior Miss Lancashire”, it was nice to see some familiar faces and chat with them again and it was really nice getting to know the other finalists and a bit more about them.




Junior Miss Lancashire





In the juniors we had very interesting conversations and we discussed some heavy topics such as “bullying” and “what is beauty” which lead to an interesting and meaningful discussion which required a lot of thought. It was nice to hear everyone’s views on the topics and their experiences and what they think should be done to help prevent bullying and how we can help. We live in a society where a lot of people are very judgemental, it was good to see such mature young women recognise that and be able to brush of the critics and they gave powerful answers to the questions asked.




Junior Miss Lancashire




“What is beauty”? We disused our views on beauty and how part of it is being the best version of you as everyone’s perception of beauty is different and we need to embrace our differences rather than wanting to change them or putting them down. We also talked about body image and how the media presents it. All of the girls we spoke to recognised the fact the beauty lies with in and how their are many different traits of a “beautiful” person and there isn’t one definition.




Junior Miss Lancashire




In the afternoon I helped with the Miss Preston interviews. Again it was really nice knowing so many girls are taking part. I spoke to everyone of the Miss Preston finalists one to one and got to know them and their back grounds and hobbies and future aspirations. I asked how they were getting on with their fundraising and plans for the final in April as well as giving advice of they needed it. Some of the girls turns out we have friends in common which was really nice. Each of the girls had great personalities and were so interesting to talk to and were all so different in many ways. I learnt a lot from everyone as they were older than me and had good advice for my future careers and about life in general.




?Thank you everyone for a great day I can’t wait to help at the next event, good luck in the final everyone see you soon!




Your Junior Miss Lancashire



Ammie ?xxx


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